Month: August 2018

How Technology is Driving Better Fleet Management for Companies

Managing a fleet of cars, van, or trucks is much harder than it looks. Not only do you have multiple personalities to contend with, but the drivers come from all walks of life. Interpersonal relationships must be handled with care at times and weeding out the few bad apples is necessary to avoid the whole team taking up new, bad habits.

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Driving this push towards improved service levels and greater reliability for suppliers and end customers alike is the new technology behind fleet management. Let’s see what improvements can be made to fleet management using the latest technological innovations.

Heavy on the Left Foot

Knowing where all your vehicles are at any given time helps you to feel more in control. When there are assigned routes and expected arrival times to meet, then it’s much easier to check on the progress of trucks on the road when you have reliable GPS tracking information.

Driver behavior monitoring has improved over the years. It’s now at a point where active monitoring can rate drivers for safety on the road. This includes actions connected to braking – do they leave it too late and then have to step heavily … Read more