Creating Android Applications is Easy

As per his title I want friends who read this article to come up with positive thoughts. I plunge in android development is 2 years, not so long compared with other seniors and 2 years I live with passion and happiness. And on this occasion I will share with friends – friends who are really from basic or from scratch in order to make android app with fun.

Want to be a programmer? Do not be lazy Don’t Spoil!

Although it is easy and fun to be the thing that you should cultivate in you is eliminate the lazy and spoiled attitude from you, because it will hamper your learning process. I will share a little story about my journey while learning about programming, read more

Beginning in 2011 I started learning programming at the time in starting with learning HTMl, CSS and PHP. At that times I was still sitting in the vocational school. Since 2011 I do not have a Laptop or PC for the equipment I learned Coding. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to learn programming without me having the tools to learn. But fortune only two months I can buy MacBook Pro and this is the first computer I have that I really get with my own money after 4 years I plunge in the IT world. The year 2013 was the first time I decided to study programming seriously. At that time I lived in Indonesia one of the villages in West Sumatra where my mother was born.

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In the village there is no internet, but electricity is already there even if sometimes dead sometimes live. And at that time there was only one person who loved programming. Well with no friends to talk or discuss about programming. And what I do at that moment is to go to town once a month to go to the cafe and download the e-book to learn. At that time I learned from after dawn till 12 at night every day I taught myself without anyone to teach. You can imagine how it feels to learn in such circumstances. If you are lazy and spoiled then I can be sure you can not be anything!

Well that’s a bit of my experience in the process that I went through in learning. I still have a lot of experience and next time I will share again. The point is not Lazy and Spoiled!