The Advancements in Smart Clothing

Technology is so engrained in everything that it was just a matter of time before it entered into our apparel. Meet wearable smart clothing. Introduced in 2015, smart clothing that you wear has not yet become that popular among consumers as many companies have yet to release their line of smart apparel. According to a technology article, pretty soon you might be able to pay for your morning cup of Joe through your smart apparel instead of through your phone. How about a polar team pro shirt that captures your heart rate by using GPS sensors? What about yoga pants with built in technology that vibrates in order to encourage you to move and hold those difficult yoga positions? As with most technology, you will be able to record the data and have it translated in order to provide yourself with fitness feedback on your progress. In another article, it claimed that smart clothing, and not smart watches, are the wave of the future of tech. While the idea of smart clothes has been floating around the tech world for a little while, it has only recently become evident that it is coming since tech companies such as: Google, Samsung, Hexo Skin, OMSignal, and Under Armour have all come on board as having stock in the smart clothing line. It will just be a matter of time now before smart apparel will be more readily available in the open market.

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